We want to tell artists’ stories

We know you have something to say. Here’s your chance to say it.

Artistic Fuel continually seeks artists and art lovers willing to share stories, opinions, and lessons learned in the field of artmaking. We celebrate all who create and appreciate art.

We love all forms of art

Artistic Fuel covers a vast gamut of art-related topics. We publish stories about visual arts, film, design, literature, music, photography, graphic design, fashion, performing arts, culinary arts, and more! If it’s creative and intentional, passionate and authentic, we want to hear about it.

We particularly want to:

  • Amplify the stories of artists who are not yet known
  • Invite vigorous discussion around trends and movements
  • Shine a bright light on those using art and creativity to do good in the world
  • Educate and inform in teachable moments while avoiding preaching
  • Create moments of empathy and emotional connection

We want to hear from you

Tell us a bit about yourself and the story you most want to tell. We typically publish stories 500-1500 words with some flexibility. Stories should be thoughtful, accessible, and engaging.

Critique is welcome in a straightforward and honest manner. We are not afraid of debate or unpopular opinions.

Contact us for full content and tone guidelines.

We’re looking forward to hearing about your passion!