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Artistic Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season!


Artistic Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season!

With the Holiday season upon us, we encourage our readers to support artistic small businesses. Here’s a few of our favorite artistic small businesses to find a unique and unforgettable gift.


Los Angeles based clothing company Maybe Tomorrow was started by photographer and designer @marklashark (Mark NGuyen). The company is most known for its headwear, whose beanies have been worn and featured by a number of celebrities and come in a plethora of colors. https://maybetomorrow.us/


Elissa Barber is an abstract figurative artist. Her work ranges from original drawings and ceramics, to single line, and organic minimalism. Someone whom we have purchased from before actually. The perfect place to get a stunning piece of art for your living room or bedroom that brings the room together without being distracting. https://elissabarber.com/


Small batch ceramics made in Austin, Texas by Kara Pendl make a phenomenal gift even after the holiday season. All ceramics feature a beautiful watercolor esque design and some are even dipped in gold for added flair. With products ranging from smudge dishes, jewelry trays, tumblers, and more, there is certainly something for anyone. https://www.karacotta.com/


Olivia Wendel is a textile designer from Pennsylvania who has a collection of stunning blankets, throw pillows and scarfs. Almost all of her pieces feature some pattern of animals which lend themselves to a time of elegance completely contrary to today’s all white, modern feel that most interiors have. https://www.oliviawendel.com/


This Santa Barbara based photographer/videographer with a focus on aquatics has been one of the best in the industry for the better part of a decade. Owning a couple of his prints myself set on a white wood frame they make a phenomenal gift. Also if you need 5 minutes of therapy I implore you to watch any of his videos that look as if they’re taken on another planet. http://www.morganmaassen.com/


Tyler McGillivary started her namesake label in 2018 and has made phenomenal leaps in such a short period of time. In what seems to be a world overrun by muted earth tones, McGillivary goes against the grain. Playful textiles and bold colors abound as her catalog continues to grow. https://www.tylermcgillivary.com/


A black owned sustainable stationery brand that creates greeting cards and gifts to celebrate the people and moments that matter most. From birthday cards, to journals, to candles, Aya Paper Co can help you with just the right message. https://ayapaper.co/


Now this one is a little specific to Los Angeles but we had to feature it because these floral arrangements are too pretty. It only takes a quick scroll through their instagram to see that they aren’t a typical flower company. Where others just go for an arrangement of roses or some tulips, every bouquet from Offerings feels as if it was just scooped out of your grandmother’s garden. http://offerings.co/


Only a year old, this small team homed in Austin, Texas has grown phenomenally with an online presence in the hundreds of thousands. Turning quilts into custom made 1 of 1 patchmade jackets that are both unique and stunning. https://www.psychicoutlaw.com/


This Atlanta based company provides a line of eco conscious, affordable jewelry & accessories for everyday where. With everything from rings, to anklets, to combs, that are just such a step up from traditional pieces of the same purpose you can find a gift for anyone here. https://shopmachete.com/


With the release of her second poetry book just 2 weeks ago, author Orion Carloto provides a wonderful and touching gift for the holiday season. Both of her books “flux” & “film for her” can be found quite simply on amazon or Barnes and Noble, also upon my bookshelf. 

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