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Ellie Foumbi
Women in Film: A Conversation with Ellie Foumbi

A few months ago, Artistic Fuel held a Clubhouse panel about women in film with Ellie…

Yulia Tsvetkova
Yulia Tsvetkova: Censorship and Persecution for Body Positivity Art Series

Russian officials charged artist and feminist, Yulia Tsvetkova with “Gay Propoganda” and “Criminal Pornography” in…

Sara Seligman
Women in Film: A conversation with Sara Seligman

A few weeks ago,  Artistic Fuel hosted a Clubhouse panel about women in film with…

Hollywood sign
Women in the Directors Chair

In 1984 Barbara Streisand took home the Golden Globe for Best Director in a Musical…

Painting of Frida Kahlo in the street
The 50 Most Influential Female Artists of the Past 100 years

From painters, sculptors and photographers to video, performance and installation artists – here’s a list of the most influential female artists of the last hundred years.