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Bennington Potters Honors Vermont’s History and Celebrates its Thriving Creative Culture

Bennington Potters Honors Vermont’s History and Celebrates its Thriving Creative Culture

Known to locals as Potters Yard, Bennington Potters is a Vermont pottery Mecca

Bennington Potters is based in Bennington, Vermont, which boasts a long history of pottery dating back to the Revolutionary War. Teeming with clay-rich soil and natural waterpower from local streams, it was the perfect place for early artisans to grow their craft.

In 1948, a local potter named David Gil started experimenting with different kinds of ceramics as part of an art cooperative. Eventually, he opened Bennington Potters in a rustic, unheated barn in Bennington’s old downtown area. By 1964, Gil expanded the business into a renovated home and business supply store, where it still stands today.

Born of very humble origins, Bennington Pottery is now one of southern Vermont’s most popular tourist destinations, known to locals and visitors as Potters Yard.

Founder created beautiful, functional art

Gil was a graduate of the Alfred University ceramics program, which teaches its students to create functional and affordable stoneware that is sturdy enough for everyday use. Gil’s designs go beyond the functional, however, and come in an array of sizes, styles, and glazes with intricate details and craftsmanship that deserve to be displayed.

Gil passed away in 2002, having spent nearly every day of his life at his beloved studio. His craft lives on at Bennington Potters, however, through a firm commitment to stay true to its founder’s mission.

“His artistry, his technical creativity, his commitment, and his tenacity were the driving forces behind his vision and built the remarkable company that survives and thrives to this day,” the company states. “Inspired both by David and his legacy—a sacred cargo now in their hands—those who worked with him continue along this path.”

Art-lovers can see ceramics from ideation to completion

Visitors are invited to experience the journey of Bennington Potter’s iconic ceramics from ideation to completion. A trip to the four-acre property offers an up-close look at the historic buildings where everything got its start. In addition to the pottery works and a historic, 1922 grist mill.

The retail space is over 5,400 square feet of impeccably presented interior design displays that feature the famed ceramics on a backdrop of furniture, rugs, art, and other home decorations. Moreover, each stylish table setting features the beautiful designs of Bennington Potters’ skilled artisans.

Bennington Potters Coffee Mugs
A wall of coffee mugs, handcrafted by local artists, sits on display at Bennington Potters. [Courtesy of Nico Angleys]

Just under three hours from Bennington, visitors can experience Bennington Potters North, located in downtown Burlington between the Lake Champlain and the Church Street Marketplace. Built in 1883, it’s a renovated factory that mirrors the vision and artistry of the Bennington display space with three full floors of pottery, glassware, and other decor.

As time marches on, the company stays true to its origins and the vision of its founder. “Bennington Potters carries on the mission to make beautiful pieces offered at the lowest possible prices for everyday pleasure. This company thrives by keeping the old and taking on the new. We respond to changing times and practical circumstances. In addition, we learn by doing.”

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Bennington Potters – Discover for yourself

Bennington Potters locations are open seven days a week. Furthermore, they offer group tours and demonstrations from the company’s team of pottery designers.

  • The Potters Yard at 324 County St, Bennington, Vermont
  • Bennington Potters North at 127 College St, Burlington, Vermont

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