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Most Expensive Cocktail in the World Includes the Best Cracker Jack Prize


Most Expensive Cocktail in the World Includes the Best Cracker Jack Prize

The term cocktail first appeared in a British newspaper printed in 1798. But it wasn’t until 1806 that we had a clear definition. The Balance and Columbian Repository described a “cocktail” as “a stimulating liquor composed of any sugar, water, and bitters vulgarly called a bittered sling”. The rise of cocktail culture and couture drinks over the past twenty years left us with a string of interesting concoctions. And while new takes are great, there’s something to be said about a classic. Let’s talk about the world’s most expensive classic cocktail, a vodka martini.

Opulence and Excess

The Tokyo Ritz-Carlton is known for collecting superlatives. When it opened up in 2007, it was the tallest hotel; it had the most expensive room, the most expensive suite, and the most expensive cocktail in the world. (The tallest hotel title now belongs to the Gevora Hotel in Dubai).

And although the Gevora Hotel stripped it of the tallest hotel title, the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton still holds the prize for a spit-take worthy priced martini. Have you ever looked at the tab after a night out and thought, “Woof, that added up quickly”.

Well, take that feeling and multiply it by a one-drink tab of $23,000. 

The “Diamonds Are Forever Martini” named after the classic Bond movie is “The Most Expensive Cocktail in the World”. The $23,000 vodka-based martini is available on the 45th floor in The Lobby Lounge and Bar of the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton.

Imagine being the guy who orders a beer a few seats down.

The Diamonds Are Forever martini, is a blend of chilled Absolut Elyx Vodka and a splash of lime juice. So, what makes this drink worth such a hefty price tag?

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The martini includes a one carat flawless diamond at the bottom of the drink. You just have to be careful when you get to the bottom of the glass. You don’t want to swallow that rock.

Side note, how much do you tip on a $23,000 dollar cocktail?

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