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Astrological Signs of Your Favorite Creatives

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Best Picture Winners and a Few That Should Have Won

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Pixar’s Soul Movie is Creative Food For the Soul

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An Exhaustive List of the Best Episodes of Television Ever

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Best Holiday Movies to Curl Up With This Holiday Season

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A Recipe for Seduction is a Recipe for Disaster

Commercialism, advertising, film and fast food. KFC’s new “film”, A Recipe for Seduction, begs the…

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Thanksgiving Movies aren’t Always About Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving movies” have arguably the trickiest of all the U.S. holiday plot lines to master…

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How Artists are Using Animal Crossing in Art Discourse

Nina Simone said it best, “You can’t help it. An artist’s duty, as far as…

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Community Engagement Research and Thoughtful Filmmaking

Lanie Zipoy, The Subject, Filmamker through art and filmmkaing.

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The Artists Behind the Most Creative T.V. Title Sequences

We often forget how many artists go into making a single T.V. or film production. Have you…