Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley Boyle

Kaeley is a contemporary artist and cultural organizer who loves good espresso and a cold Coke Zero.

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cinnamon fench toast
The Best Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

It turns out that the breakfast staple, French toast, has been gaslighting us for centuries.…

keith haring mural
Creative Minds: Artistic Connections that Shaped Art History

Creativity and creative minds are an enigma we all want to understand. We’re taught as…

slow motion water
Slow Motion Video of Portraits in Dramatic Time by David Michalek

It’s been five years since the passing of Alan Rickman. So, in honor of the…

walt disnet concert hall
Architectural Marvels and Our Relationship With the Built Environment

Modern advances in technology and science have paved the way for extreme leaps in architecture…

Hollywood sign
Women in the Directors Chair

In 1984 Barbara Streisand took home the Golden Globe for Best Director in a Musical…

linda montano
Linda Mary Montano: A Conversation with the Enduring Performance Artist

An Interview Between Kaeley Boyle and Linda Mary Montano A couple of months back, I…

crowd at a concert
The Seven Best Superbowl Halftime Show Performances

Music and the times: Who’s the best superbowl halftime performer? Sorry, Kid Rock, it’s not…

Bondi Icebergs
Bondi Icebergs in Bondi Beach Australia is the Pool of Your Dreams

Australians love swimming. And Australia’s love of the sport has led to some of the…

Most Expensive Cocktail in the World Includes the Best Cracker Jack Prize

The term cocktail first appeared in a British newspaper printed in 1798. But it wasn’t…

michelangelo sculpture
Eccentric Behaviors of Famous Artists Throughout History

What came first the chicken or the egg? Did the artists listed below get away…